Friday, May 8, 2015

(Hopefully) Suggestions of a Feud Have Been Greatly Exaggerated by "The Rest" of Us...

Last night, Caprice Crane, the daughter of Tina Louise (and a witty racounteur in her own right on her Twitter feed @capricecrane), emailed me that her mother had started an official Facebook page and encouraged me to share it with others.  I Tweeted it last night and you can find it at this link.  This morning, I noticed a heartening and touching exchange between Dawn Wells and Tina Louise on the page that hopefully dispels and undercuts any suggestion of a feud brewing between the ladies.  See the screen capture below:

I've already blogged in the past about my thoughts on the whole Ginger vs. Mary Ann debate.  To my surprise, it's been one of my most controversial (for lack of a better word) pieces.  It has evoked some genuinely passionate responses from defenders of both Dawn Wells and Tina Louise.  In my personal opinion, I get the impression that neither Wells nor Louise is interested in having any sort bad blood brewing between them, and would prefer to focus on the positive aspects of their association with "Gilligan's Island."  Sometimes, despite all the gossip you hear, I think all this talk about a feud has been at least partially fueled and perpetuated by "the rest" (pun intended) of us passionate fans who have taken a strong stance in the on-going "Ginger vs. Mary Ann" debate.  As a fan of "Gilligan's Island" who hates the Ginger vs. Mary Ann debate (because I think they're both great, just in different ways), I look forward to seeing what Tina Louise shares on her Facebook page and, even more importantly, look forward to seeing further exchanges online between Louise and Dawn Wells.


  1. It's interesting that so many people who commented on your latter blog on Ms. Louise and Ms. Wells could get worked up over a "rivalry" that clearly doesn't exist.

  2. I too saw that exchange on Facebook and hoped for more between them but, as a follower of bother their pages I've seen no further contact.One thing that they have in common is how quick fans can turn on them. Last year Tina Louise posted a photo of herself and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Louise remarked how she admired Clinton.That's all. She didn't tell anyone how to vote or even state that Hillary had HER vote but the followers attacked and said Tina was just another Hollywood liberal and all the other such statements you'd expect. A few weeks ago Dawn Wells, whose always praised by fans with the repetitive,"I've always preferred you over Ginger", posted something,I can't recall what, that her fans deemed 'Liberal' and she too had a target drawn on her back.I posted to Wells, after reading some of those comments, "You're in good company. They attacked Tina Louise too!"


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